MINATURE/LIGHTWEIGHT GPS/IMU system for sale. ideal for very light aeroplane/UAV

VECTORNAV - VN-200 he VN-200 is a miniature, high performance GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) that combines MEMS inertial sensors, a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, and advanced Kalman filtering algorithms to provide optimal estimates of position, velocity, and attitude.

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AEROCONTROL systems - can be supplied separately or with FMS,


IMU for sale – Novatel H58 (HG1700) located USA

AEROCONTROL- several available

located Europe.

APPLANIX 510 older model- non restricted head.

TECI 4 with intergrated Aerocontrol IMU can be fitted to any sensor.

please email for prices  aerialsurvey@aerialsurvey.com