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Trackair Services Ltd was formed in 1984 and had steadily developed into a unique aerial survey consultancy. (not to be confused with any other company using the Trackair name!)

Totally independent which puts Trackair in a neutral position ideal for helping its worldwide client base with aerial survey projects.

With operational experience in over 100 countries, running (on behalf of clients)  fleets of aerial survey and special missions aeroplanes, project managing aerial survey projects whatever the size and location.

Trackair has working agreements with independent air survey flying operators throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, North, West, East and South Africa, Asia and S.E Asia, USA, Central America and South America, Australia & New Zealand

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Trackair specialise in brokering resources and complete aerial survey projects almost anywhere in the world. We even have usable resources in places like Ukraine and China.

If you require air survey data, mapping, airborne geophysical flying, lidar flying, multispectral, thermal, photo imagery anything!

For training ,we cover all aspects of flying  operations/ equipment , then we have a pool of independent technicians and experienced training operatives who can be mobilized to suit any requirement.

Our mission statement is ‘ANYTHING AERIAL SURVEY’


So please feel free to request information or costs for any projects however small or large.

International flying permissions arranged

Ferry flights arranged

Aeroplane or equipment sourcing

Imagery & data sourced

New flying arranged

On site training

Archive data sourcing

Risk analysis